A Passionate Odyssey into the World of Vintage

In the enchanting world of Narcisses Boutique, a story is woven with passion for retro fashion, reverence for vintage, and an infinite quest to offer an extraordinary experience. Each chapter of this epic resonates like a whisper of yesteryear, a breath of newness.

Throughout the garage sales and flea markets of my childhood, I discovered an unexpected treasure: vintage. Ephemeral fashions hardly affected me, because I was already introduced to timeless beauty.

At the tender age of ten, a flash of light appeared on the screen: Thierry Mugler's fashion show unveiling the "La chimère" collection for Fall-Winter 97. A shiver ran through my being, and that day , I understood that fashion would become the soul of my days.

Esmod Lyon's school called me, but before this trip, I slowly ended up with my grandfather in Aix-en-Provence. In my father's bedroom, frozen in the 1970s, the walls were covered in Flower Power designs, and peonies danced everywhere. Too extravagant for some, but for me, they evoked the tenderness of a welcoming home.

My father's record player was on display, along with vinyl records and souvenirs from trips to Australia. On summer evenings, with the window open, I stared at the chandelier decorated with pearly pearls, illuminating the room with a thousand sparkles. The floor sang under our feet, and the old radio whispered the news of the world. The light blue Formica kitchen housed the “Kelvinator” refrigerator, the imperturbable guardian of the home.

My home was frozen in time, a museum of adventures in Africa, Australia, Turkey, a kaleidoscope of styles. But above all, the soul of my grandfather “Louis” infused every corner. During my studies in Lyon, the treasures of Emmaüs and the flea markets became my quest. I was the truffle among the tumult of forgotten treasures.

After my studies, my work in the Middle East opened the doors to new traditions, from clothing to living customs. I fell under the spell of the antique Omani furniture, abayas, and other artisanal splendors of this region.

Back in France, the passion for garage sales resurfaced. Selling became my anthem, and photo shoots reminded me of the magic of fashion. Little by little, the idea of ​​creating Narcisses Boutique came to life.

Narcisses Boutique embodies much more than a simple thrift store. Each piece is a relic of the past, carefully chosen for its timeless charm. Thematic collections take us back to forgotten eras, merging nostalgia and modernity.

The clothes from Narcisses Boutique are not simple fabrics, but doors to the past. Our customers are the guardians of heritage, who support singular and endearing fashion.

Let yourself be carried away by the charm of retro, by the memories that come to life and the stories that blossom. Together, let's create a world where authenticity shines brightly.

To follow each chapter of my life, follow the escapades of Maéva and Simbad, my faithful four-legged sidekick, on Instagram. May the charm of the past illuminate your steps, to the rhythm of Narcisses Boutique.

Maéva Gailhac & Simbad

To follow the adventures of Maéva and Simbad her furry sidekick on Instagram, it's here .

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